Every commodity is a valuable token
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The game story

Start the adventure:

Participate in recovering the pearl treasure

Start your adventure in Pearl Diver by investing in recovering the hidden pearl treasure. Take the chance to double your bet by collecting rare pearls and acting strategically. Your journey to wealth and success starts now. Are you ready for the big adventure?

Objectives of the game

Experience a unique token economy that combines world-renowned and popular strategy classics with advanced Web3 mechanisms to create a sustainable economy.

Collect pearls as the currency of the wise men
Discover and collect rare pearls, which are the keys to wealth and progress in the game.
Invest in mines and workshops
Unlock resources, improve your production and increase your influence through strategic investments.
Create unique pieces of jewelry
Forge valuable jewelry NFTs that give power, prestige, and opportunities for big wins.

Marry the pirate daughter

1. Win huge treasures at the monthly festival
Experience the chance to win big at city festivals every month.

2. Be one of the three chosen ones who rise to the peerage
Every month, three players are charged with the city for their actions.

3. Marry the pirate daughter and get the key to the treasury
Once a year, there is the opportunity to gain access to the state treasury through marriage.

Main Prize
5% of the state treasury
Extra profits
5% of the state treasury

The power of pearls

Discover a complex token system that revolutionizes the gameplay, economy, and growth in Pearl Diver.

Multi-Token-System: Diversified ecosystem with burning mechanisms to increase value.

Buyback system: Stabilizes the currency and promotes sustainable growth.

Instantly playable & expandable: Innovative mining and trading bots make the economy dynamic.

The city's commodities combined with the real world & your wallet

Build, trade, and create. Use raw materials to develop your influence in the city and create jewelry that will take you back to the pirate family

iron ore
silver ore
Gold ore
platinum ore
Resource reduction and increase in the earth


Which game type are you?

Choose your game strategy

Admiral of the Pearl Fleet
Strategically steer your fleet across the economic oceans to rule the seas.
Raw material dealer
Control the market through wise trade in ores and thus influence the economic fabric.
Virtuoso of Refinement
Transform raw materials into stunning works of art that bring wealth and recognition.
6 steps to your account
Step 1
Setting up a Metamask wallet
Step 2
Add the BNB network
Step 3
Buy or transfer 0.1 BNB tokens
Step 4
Buy or transfer USDT
Step 5
Connect the wallet to the game
Step 6
Buy your first pearls in the game on the marketplace
Start your Journey
Step 1
Get more Pearl Tokens
Step 2
Buy forest
Step 3
Buy iron mine
Step 4
Produce tools
Step 5
Buy charcoal mine
Step 6
Buy gold mine
Step 7
Produce gold tokens
Step 8
Produce Jewelry NFT
Step 9
Participation in the monthly event
Step 10
Participating in the jackpot event
to the game